You are no doubt aware of the benefits of running, and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

You are most likely serious about your own health and belong to a gym, where you can swim, cycle, run, or take part in a number of fitness classes. If so, you will know the importance of a correct running shoes and if you are a woman, the need for a supportive bra.

What you might not know, is that here in South Africa, most communities don’t have access to even the most basic sport facilities. This shouldn’t stop people running though, which can be done in any public space, and has many health benefits. Unfortunately, many people in these communities can’t afford the essential running shoes and bras to seriously take up this beneficial sport.

This is the position that ten students from Ubuntu Touch find themselves in at the moment.
Ubuntu Touch is an NGO, and SETA accredited school that trains women from disadvantaged communities to do massage. A significant part of the course is dedicated to training the women in health and wellness.

The internationally renowned nutritionist, author and motivational speaker, Mary-Ann Shearer has been working with the women daily, teaching them about health and doing daily exercises with them.
Having been inspired by their enthusiasm and improved health, Mary-Ann would like train the women to do a five km fun run in Gordon’s Bay and eventually run the two ocean’s Marathon.
She would like to see the women inspire others in their community towards health and fitness.

Mary-ann has been a keen long distance runner for years, and with her personal commitment, and expertise combined with the students enthusiasm, she believes that the two Ocean’s marathon is completely possible.
However, it’s not achievable without properly fitted sports bras and running shoes and unfortunately the Ubuntu Touch women can afford neither.

A contribution towards these items, would help these women to fulfill their dream and ultimately help to be help to inspire an entire community.

The Ubuntu Touch women are keen to put in the work, they are desperate to begin serious training, and your gift would help them towards this journey.
Thank you so much for your help.

If you are able to make an EFT donation, please use these details:
ABSA: 4087909762
BRANCH: 632005