Endorsement Letters

To date, and in order of support received, Ubuntu Touch Project has been blessed by and is deeply grateful to the following individuals and  organisations for the sponsorship, endorsement and support of the project:

“South African government has committed to create 5 million jobs by the year 2020 We are encouraged by your contribution and commitment towards our mission of dealing with the scourge of! unemployment in our country. Best wishes for Ubuntu Touch!”
Mrs Coleman (MP)

Chairperson at Portfolio Committee on Economic Development

“Reading through the documents it is clear to me that whether by default or design, your organisation, its purpose and its plan is a model for sustainability.

As you now well know, having a vision and bringing it into reality is complicated and exhausting but what you have accomplished in a relatively short period of time deserves all the commendations you have received to date and many more.

Furthermore, as a note of encouragement, it is important that your project continues to build momentum for others to see as a case study for successful social enterprise that meets the critical needs in our city and wider society.”

Colin Haberton

Global Partnerships Director of Givengain