Investor Rewards

Our investors are our partners, and every partnership is as strong as the partners in it. So we always seek to reward them for investing in the Ubuntu Touch Project. These rewards are designed to bring the benefits of the training programme directly into the investor’s organisation, by providing:

  • No-risk internship placements for the trainees, who apply the skills learned within the investor’s business.
  • Reduced staff stress levels and absenteeism through regular events such as  ‘Massage Mondays’ or ‘Feel-good Fridays’.
  • Increased workplace coherence, enhancing productivity, focus and attention in line with global best practice
  • Building SA’s Future Legacy Today: Uplifting communities while making your staff feel valued and well
We have in place a CSI and  ED model to perfectly fit your budget and needs, Investment opportunities are available on request.
Depending on which model you choose to invest in, your organisation will benefit in other ways that can enhance your commercial profile:
  • Tax benefits
  • BEE Scoring Bonus
  • Procurement through Supply Chain